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Reaction to the Federal Election Results

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NDP incumbent Alistair MacGregor has been re-elected as a member of Parliament in the Cowichan-Malahat-Langford riding.

MacGregor said he’s been successful in lobbying the Federal Fisheries Minister in securing some funding for the Cowichan Weir and with a minority government, he’s hoping to have more influence in Ottawa about issues here at home.

MacGregor said the minority government is a good thing and a huge opportunity.

“To get anything passed, they (Trudeau Liberals) are going to have to work with at least one other party and I think that’s a good thing,” said MacGregor.

“We need more voices at the table and I see this as an opportunity to finally get important issues, like housing, like people falling through the cracks in our healthcare system and adequate actions on climate change,” said MacGregor.

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“This is now a time to get those issues up to the importance they deserve,” added MacGregor.

He’s looking forward to having the opportunity to, potentially have more influence, now that the Liberals only have a minority government.

He’s looking forward to working with his local partners in municipal politics and helping address issues that are facing the Cowichan Valley, like housing and healthcare.

MacGregor said it means a lot to be re-elected in the Cowichan-Malahat-Langford riding.

“People told me that the second election is way harder than the first and I think it’s because your efforts as a member of Parliament and your track record are there for everyone to see and they’re passing a verdict on whether you did a good job,” said MacGregor.

“To have that level of support come back, it means the world to me, but I also accept it for the great responsibility it is,” MacGregor said.

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The Liberals formed a minority government on Monday night and North Cowichan Mayor Al Siebring said he’s hopeful that MacGregor can bring more local issues to the table.

“The NDP propping up the Liberals gives us a little bit of leverage here in the Cowichan Valley to say to Alistair, ‘look, you need to bring some things to the table now that can help us,’ things like federal money for the remediation of Quamichan Lake,” said Siebring.

He added, “I think it strengthens our hand to have a member of Parliament that’s potentially part of a party that is propping up the Liberals and the Liberals are going to owe them some favours.”

Duncan Mayor Michelle Staples said she believes MacGregor has done a great job representing the Cowichan Valley and local and federal governments will continue collaborating on issues that are top-of-mind for local residents.

“The biggest thing that we’ve been focused on this year is around housing, homelessness, and addiction,” Alistair and his office have played a big role in being a collective voice when it comes to that and speaking to what is needed in the region,” said Staples.

Justin Trudeau was re-elected the Prime Minister on Monday night, as the Liberals formed a minority government, a result Siebring found to be very interesting when you consider that the Conservatives earned more of the popular vote.

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