A group of young environmental activists are taking the Federal Government to court due to inaction over the climate crisis.

Duncan’s Sierra Robinson is one of the leaders of Earth Guardians and, along with 14 others, her group is calling on the Trudeau Liberals to take the global issue seriously.

On a personal level, she’s joining the fight because of her health and the health of Canadians.

Cowichan-Malahat-Langford MP Alistair MacGregor said the Earth Guardians are NDP allies that are concerned about the future and are putting their own pressure on the Federal Government.

“I think it really underlines how concerned our youth are with the state of government inaction on climate change. The goal of this lawsuit isn’t so much a monetary award, but to simply change the course of the government’s action, so its greenhouse gas reduction targets are in line with what science says we need to do,” said MacGregor.

MacGregor said climate change wasn’t an issue when he was a teenager, but it’s good to see how engaged the younger is in the fight against climate change.

“When I was Sierra’s age, I certainly wasn’t an activist, in fact, climate change really wasn’t a concern when I was her age, it now is,” said MacGregor. “I think it really underscores how political our youth are getting, which is a good thing.”

“Their participation in our system is a good thing and if they’re caring about these issues at this early an age, that bodes very well for the health of our democracy,” added MacGregor.

Our numerous attempts to reach Robinson for comment have been unsuccessful.