The problem of high levels of lead in household tap water has been a hot topic recently all across Canada.

A national study by universities and media organizations revealed the problem is more widespread than first thought. In several cities, lead levels were higher than the acceptable level of 5-parts-per-Billion.

How safe is the tap water in your home?

Brian Dennison, the manager of Water Management at the Cowichan Valley Regional District said it’s not an issue in the CVRD’s water supply.

“We operate eleven water utilities spread throughout the regional district and, in each of those cases, as is required by Island Health, we monitor and test comprehensively for all metals and a number of other constituents of the water,” said Dennison.

“In no cases is there lead above the drinking water limit,” said Dennison.

If you’re worried about the safety of your drinking water, Dennison said it’s not an issue.

“For our system, there isn’t any lead used in the distribution piping, so either the water mains or the smaller service lines that go to the individual homes. We don’t have any lead or lead solder used in any of them,” Dennison said.

However, Dennison said it’s possible lead pipes or fittings may in use within private homes.