The province is moving to tighten regulations on access, packaging, and advertising for vapour products.

Medical Health Officer, Doctor Geoff McKee, is pleased with proposed regulations being introduced for vaping products.

McKee said the regulations should help keep young people from experimenting with vaping.

“Given that we’ve seen a considerable increase in the popularity of vaping among youth, I think the proposed regulations will go a long way to reduce youth being targeted by marketing and accessing these products,” said McKee.

McKee said, (the legislation) “appears to be quite comprehensive overall and address the availability of flavours, which we know can entice youth.”

The provincial government plans to restrict access to vapour products and flavours, control nicotine content, and regulate packaging and advertising.

Finance Minister Carole James said the province will also increase taxes on vaping products and McKee welcomes the proposed regulations.

“Many of these approaches, such as taxes, have proven to be effective at reducing the use of tobacco products,” said McKee. “Overall, I think this is a great step forward to helping address the public health concern relating to vaping among youth.”