Melissa Tooshley has been handed a 12-month suspended sentence for her part in the animal abuse case involving “Teddy” the dog.

Back in February, Veterinary Pathologist Glenna McGregor, who determined Teddy’s cause of death, said the dog had neck lacerations two centimetres in the back and five centimetres in the front.

BC SPCA Special Constable Matt Affleck found Teddy on February 16th of last year, starving, with a lead that was three to six inches long, leading to the dog’s head swelling to two to three times its normal size.

In 1999, the Supreme Court of Canada Gladue ruling stated that all sentencing judges need to consider traumatic situations, like residential schools, and the effect the child welfare system has on Indigenous offenders.

During the suspended sentence, Tooshley won’t have to serve any jail time, but will be on probation and will have a criminal record.

Earlier this week, co-accused Anderson Joe was given a three-month suspended sentence and a lifetime ban on owning pets.