Tipping fees are on the way up at CVRD recycling centres, effective January 1.

These fees will increase from $140 dollars to $148 dollars a tonne and the minimum fee to dispose of garbage is increasing from five to seven dollars.

CVRD Board Chair Aaron Stone said fee increases are required to pay for the service.

“The cost of delivering the service continues to go up and that’s everything from inflationary impacts to things like our tipping fees when we take our landfill materials, our garbage materials to Robanco, who takes that waste for us,” said Stone.

“As those costs increase, at some point I think the service needs to pay for those costs,” said Stone.

Along with the increase to tipping fees, garbage export expenses are increasing from $97 to $136 dollars a tonne.

Stone said the increases are simply the cost of doing business.

“It’s never an easy thing to do but it is just a reflection of the cost of providing the service over time, something we don’t do lightly, but unfortunately a necessity from time to time,” said Stone.

Since 2012, the CVRD has seen a 15 percent decrease in landfill waste, but the cost to export that waste has increased by 30 percent.