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Ask The Expert With Christine Ryan of Sotheby’s Real Estate.




Protecting both buyers and sellers is the top priority for the real estate industry in these times. If your property is currently listed for sale, having hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes on-site will help the seller be protected from whomever comes through the property. We’re asking buyers not to touch anything and limiting the number of physical visits to the property. How we do this is by asking that the buyer fully review the property and any listing documentation online prior to arranging a physical viewing.

I said last week that online first impressions are increasingly important. A ‘virtual walkthrough’ is a marketing tool that is an absolute necessity in these times. Essentially, a virtual walkthrough is a 3D simulation of the home created with professional cameras.  To give a real-life example, just last week, I sold my seller’s home utilising the 3d tour as part of the marketing package and needless to say, the buyers fell in love with the property and ultimately purchased without ever setting foot inside the home.

In terms of the process, once there is an offer on the table, agents can assist buyers by conducting the buyer’s due diligence remotely.  For example, where an inspection is one of the conditions, the inspector performs the property inspection and the buyers can facetime with their agent at the property for the inspection walkthrough.

I would urge buyers or sellers not to take unnecessary risks at this time.

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