The province is launching a new process for essential workers to find child care in their communities.

Kids need to be five-years-old or younger and these essential front line workers can fill out the new ‘parent’ form to highlight their need for urgent child care.

Applicants will be asked which category worker they are, how old their child is and which community they need childcare in.

Forms can be assessed by phone at 1-888-338-6622 and selecting option four, or here.

Categories of Essential Workers:

Tier 1: These essential workers are the highest priority and are those who are employed in health and health services, social services, law enforcement, first responders, and emergency response. This tier includes children referred by the ministry and Delegated Aboriginal Agency social workers.

Tier 2: Essential workers are identified as all occupations not included in tier one, but are listed in the essential service workers’ list.

Tier three includes other families not employed in an occupation listed in the essential service workers’ list.

Accepting tier-three families isn’t a requirement.