If a walk in the forest, or along a path by a lake is in your weekend plans, North Cowichan has a request.

Be trail smart and keep your distance from others.

The many walking and hiking trails in North Cowichan still remain open to the public.

However, the parking lot at Kaspa Road for trails on Mount Tzouhalem, and for the Nevilane trailhead will be patrolled to prevent overcrowding.

Additionally, the municipality will be closing the road at Kaspa and Salish to avoid over-flow parking on the street.

North Cowichan Parks and Recreation Director Don Stewart says if the Mount Tzouhalem parking lot is full, “it’s best to come back another time.”

Stewart says “it’s simply not worth the risk to everyone’s health and safety, and we all want to see our trails remain open.”

There are more signs to remind people about safe trail use.

At Chemainus Lake, people must walk counter-clockwise to avoid others traveling in the other direction at an unsafe distance.