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2.2 Million Dollar Fund to Assist Cowichan Tribes’ Members During Pandemic

Cowichan Tribes is matching a financial contribution from Indigenous Services Canada to create a 2.2-Million dollar fund to help members weather the COVID-19 pandemic.

Indigenous Services Canada provided a grant of 1.1-Million to Cowichan Tribes, but it was felt that amount was inadequate for their needs and the Cowichan Tribes Council decided to match it with 1.1-Million dollars of its own funds.

More than 700-thousand dollars will be allocated to food security for Cowichan Tribes members.

Three-hundred-and-61-thousand dollars will go to health services, such as support for members needing to self-isolate, including temporary accommodations, delivery of medicine, and essential goods for members in need.

The money will also go to education support, protection and technology for the staff of Cowichan Tribes, and to distribute cash to individual members.

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