A small camp for up to 12 homeless people to shelter during the COVID-19 pandemic is now located on a city owned property in Duncan.

Duncan, North Cowichan and Ladysmith are presently the locations of ‘family cluster’ camps established by the Cowichan Task Force for Vulnerable Populations.

They support homeless and precariously housed people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A vacant lot in the 300 block of St Julien Street was chosen by Duncan to host the temporary camp.

Mayor Michelle Staples says, “the tenting sites are offering stability, safety, and support for people while a longer-term plan can be put in place.”

The Cowichan Housing Association will oversee the camp with support from the Cowichan Valley Branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association, Island Health and other public health organizations.

Specialized health teams will regularly to assess mental and physical health of camp residents and check for COVID-19 symptoms.

A tall fence has been set-up around the property and there will be on-site security at night and rotating security during the day.