Nanaimo Youth Service Association is reaching out to vulnerable youth in the city through You Tube videos.

NYSA recently posted Youth Homelessness in Nanaimo, its latest Youtuber video on issues affecting youth in the city.

The Youth Services Association wants to let young people living on the street or those who are precariously housed know that the association can help them.

Youth can connect with NYSA for help with housing, employment, and skills training.

They provide youth with housing in the Waddington and Rowe House apartment complexes, and can help them find employment opportunities and skills training through the BladeRunners, Employment KEEP IT! And DiverseFutures programs.

Nicholas Worsely, NYSA’s Housing Coordinator, says there is a lack of will on the part of society, “to design housing solutions for all.”

NYSA’s new video says economic and social factors, the failure of care and support systems, and individual and relationships problems are the main causes of homelessness.

The association says at least 425 people are living unsheltered in Nanaimo, and many more youth couch-surf throughout the city.

Tom Esakin, Program Director of NYSA’s DiverseFutures program, says “increasing homelessness in-general and youth homelessness in-particular present a deep challenge for Canadian society.”