Make sure you bring face protection with you if you are planning on travelling on the ferries.

Effective Monday, face protection is required for passengers on sailings of more than 30 minutes.

Face protection is a requirement if you cannot ensure proper physical distancing with other passengers.

The safety measures do include vehicle passengers.

If you don’t think the transportation giant means business, consider this.

While BC Ferries will continue screening passengers for COVID19, if you don’t have face protection, refuse to wear it, or don’t respond to the screening questions, you won’t be allowed to board the vessel.

BC Ferries staff will enforce these safety measures.

Deborah Marshall with BC Ferries said, “Customers can wear one of the disposable masks that we see a lot of people wearing these days, it doesn’t have to be an N-95, it doesn’t have to be a surgical mask, but passengers do need to be in possession of a face covering.”