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The Reason Behind the Gorgeous Weather

A California-high is responsible for the gorgeous weather we are enjoying and will continue to enjoy for the foreseeable future.

Yesterday, the Cowichan Valley hit nearly 31 degrees but fell short of the historic high of nearly 36 degrees that was set back in 1942.

Meteorologist Matt MacDonald said the high has moved up, bringing the sun and heat to coastal BC, but that doesn’t mean a storm is an impossibility.

“It will wobble (the high), we will get a couple of disturbances brush into that ridge and, for example, Thursday and Friday we’ll probably see some cloud move in, we’ll see those temperatures drop by a couple of degrees and we could even see a slight bit of rain, nothing heavy, but perhaps some showers on Friday, into Saturday,” said MacDonald.

MacDonald said, “All this gorgeous weather is owning to a big ridge of high pressure that has built-in over the northeastern Pacific and throughout the year, that ridge of high pressure lives off the coast of California and we typically wait for the second week of July, mid-July for it to move up and extend into our coastal waters.”

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“It’s about a week late this year, but it is here and I’m happy to say it’s here for the foreseeable future,” said MacDonald.

He said the hot weather is here to stay until the end of July and possibly into August.

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