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All Fires on Coast have been Preventable

The cool, wet weather we have had so far this summer has led to 41 fires, all of them human-caused and therefore preventable.

The 10-year average is 80 fires, 62 of which are human-caused, burning 2,540 hectares, so we are well below that.

Fire Information Officer Donna MacPherson said these numbers are an indication of how wet it’s been this summer.

“It’s a pretty good indication that we’ve had a pretty wet spring, which is very fortunate and more important than the wet spring was that nice spacing in-between the rain,” said MacPherson. “We were getting fairly heavy rain, then a few nice days, and then heavy rain again, that helps the forest stay really healthy and hydrated.”

With the beautiful summer weather here, MacPherson said you need to be careful when you have a campfire.

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“It doesn’t take much to have a campfire get away from you, especially if you’re near grasses and dried fuel,” said MacPherson. “First of all, situate it carefully, make sure you’re down to mineral soil and when you are having your campfire stay beside it, don’t wander away.”

“We expect you to be by the campfire, we need for you to have some way of putting it out, you need a shovel and water,” said MacPherson.

To report a wildfire or suspicious activity call 1-800-663-5555 or text star 5555.

The Coastal Fire Centre implemented an open burning ban at noon yesterday and more information on that ban is available here.

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