Transport Canada says three aircraft have reported laser strikes at night while flying in the Chemainus area.

On July 28th, the pilots of two planes belonging to a flying club in the Vancouver area reported seeing a beam of green light from what appeared to be a hand-held laser.

The Transport Canada Aviation Incident Report says the first report of the laser was to air traffic controllers in Victoria from a Cessna 152 flying near Saltair.

The pilot reported the beam of the laser came from a residential area and was being moved around rapidly in the way a person would use a hand-held laser device.

The incident lasted about 30-seconds.

The Victoria tower then received a report from a helicopter pilot in the area who also reported that a beam from a laser near Chemainus had hit their aircraft.

The pilot of another plane from the same flight school a few minutes behind the first plane reported seeing a laser while flying over the Chemainus area.

That pilot had earlier reported being flashed by a hand-held laser in the Chemainus area on June 26th.