The COVID-19 sheltering camps for vulnerable and homeless people in the Cowichan Valley will remain open for a few more weeks.

John Horn of BC Housing in Duncan says the provincial government has approved the funding to keep them operating until September 31st.

Horn says they are seeking additional funding from organizations such as the Red Cross.

“We have an application in to the Red Cross, who have an emergency fund as well, and then the Toronto Dominion Bank has a substantial annual fund that they allocate, but this year they are aiming that squarely at COVID and vulnerable populations, so we have an application in to them.”

He says they are also receiving financial assistance from the Canadian Federation of Muncipalities.

The small and secure tent camps in Duncan, Chemainus and Ladysmith, as well a rooms at a hotel in Ducan, were set up by the vulnerable peoples’ task during the spring.

The camps are surrounded by fences and are residents are given support by outreach workers and there are health checks as well as security for each site.