The RCMP is urging the operators of roadside farm stands to conceal cash boxes in a place that cannot be seen from the road.

It also recommends that operators make sure people cannot see how much cash is on hand, as well as emptying the cash box frequently and installing surveillance equipment, such as trail cams.

The police say a cash box was stolen on September 21st at the Farmstand Boutique on Norcross Road.

The RCMP released a video of the many prying the cash box off the counter of the farmstand.

The North Cowichan Duncan RCMP is asking anyone with information that might help their investigation to contact them.

Constable Brian Wreggitt says it has been a particularly difficult season for small and local businesses.

He says they encourage people to be good neighbours and report suspicious behaviour around farms stands.

You can find a link to the surveillance video and image on the RCMP website.