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BC Center for Disease Control tips for a COVID-19 safe Halloween

Halloween is only a couple of weeks away and the BC Center for Disease Control is sharing tips to make sure it can be an enjoyable but safe holiday. 

The CDC says the most important thing to remember this year is that you can still have fun while limiting the spread of the virus. 

It’s encouraging kids and adults to try and incorporate a non-medical mask or face covering as part of your costume.

If you plan to take the kids out, the CDC says you should stick to your local neighbourhood and avoid trick-or-treating in busy areas or indoors (in places like malls) since there may not be 

 enough space to distance. 

You should also Trick-or-treat in a small social group (of up to six people), leave space between you and other groups to reduce crowding, and wash your hands before you go out, when you get home, and before eating treats.

It also recommends that you carry some hand sanitizer with you if your kids plan to eat treats on the go.

For those at home handing out treats this year, the BC CDC says to make it as safe as possible, you should think of creative ways to hand out candy including using tongs, a baking sheet or even a candy slide.

You should also plan to hand out individual treats instead of offering a shared bowl. And while the decorations are always a part of the fun, it says you should try to avoid props that can cause coughing, such as smoke machines.   

One of the biggest reminders from the health organization, however, is for those who are looking for a Halloween party. 

The CDC says this year, you should try and leave large parties behind. Instead, it’s recommending that you host or attend a small party, and keep it within your social group (stick to six). Meaning you should know everyone who attends, with no plus ones.   

No matter how you celebrate Halloween this year, if you are sick or self-isolating, you should turn off your porch light and stay at home. 

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