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RCMP Offers Tips for Driving in Stormy Weather

Tuesday’s wind and rain in the Cowichan Valley created poor driving conditions and caused some unexpected encounters for vehicles.

One incident involved a tree falling on a car on the highway south of Duncan.

In another, the wind brought down power lines on Chemainus Road at Oak Street.

In both cases, there were no injuries.

The RCMP says there doesn’t need to be snow or ice for driving to be treacherous.

With winter approaching, the police are reminding drivers to take extra care, give themselves more time to reach a destination, and pay attention to their surroundings.

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The use of a vehicle’s cruise control is not recommended, and in strong winds, drivers should keep both hands on the wheel and be careful not to jerk the wheel or overcorrect their steering.

Police also say that drivers should use headlights when there is poor light and leave extra space between other vehicles on the road.

Drivers are also urged to watch out for hazards on or around the road.

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