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Furstenau is Hopeful Parties can Work Together Despite Projected Majority

The NDP no longer needs the support of the Green Party following the BC provincial election.

Green Party leader Sonia Furstenau admits her party won’t be as influential as it was when the NDP had a minority government.

But Furstenau said she hopes Premier John Horgan sees the value of working with her party.

“We will be an effective opposition, holding them to account, and we will be bringing ideas and solutions to the table, but there won’t be the required collaboration that there was under the minority,” said Furstenau. “That doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to have collaboration in the legislature and I hope John Horgan and the NDP recognize the value in that.”

Yesterday, Premier-Elect John Horgan told us he doesn’t care where or who ideas come from, if they help British Columbians, they will be implemented.

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While the NDP has a projected majority government Furstenau is encouraged by how the Greens did on election night.

“(It was a) really impressive showing by Greens around the province. In the next election our goal will be to run candidates in every riding,” said Furstenau. “Between now and then I will be working very hard to build relationships and spend time in communities to hear, how do we best represent communities all over BC?”

Furstenau and Adam Olsen in Saanich retained their Vancouver Island seats, while Green candidate Jeremy Valeriote is the projected winner of the Vancouver-Sea-to-Sky riding, taking the seat from the Liberal party. 

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