A Crofton man has won a prestigious award for building an elevator in his home.

The 2020 Metal My Way contest pitted welders, fabricators, metal-workers, and artists from Canada, the US, and the United Kingdom and Bob Higgins won in the Home category.

Higgins said the shaft was installed during construction of his new home.

“We built a new home at about the same time and I had them put the shaft in where the elevator would go during the construction of the home,” said Higgins.

Higgins said installing an elevator in his home is meant to give him and his wife access to the top floor should they encounter mobility issues in the future.

“We built it in case we ever became disabled or we couldn’t get up to the top level, it’s a two-level house,” said Higgins. “The living space is all up on the top level. We thought it would be a good idea (and it gave me something to do as well) to build this elevator so we could access the upper level.”

The contest provided metal professionals and hobbyists a chance to show their creativity through inventive projects.

Higgins built, wired, and installed the elevator by himself. The only thing he didn’t do was conduct the inspection.

Picture supplied by Maddy Valente.

Picture supplied by Maddy Valente.