A Nanaimo Christmas institution is rolling into its 91st year.

The Gogo Christmas Tree Farm gives families an opportunity to pick a tree, cut it, and bring it home.

Owner Mike Gogo has been in the business for 60 years, and has seen the farm bounce back from recent droughts.

“Ninety percent of our seedlings died in the field,” said Gogo. “Now, this last year we watered them, I thought I would never ever do that in a million years, but we have to do that. We’ve had a good year this year, we had lots of seedlings, 90 percent lived, so that’s good. 

Gogo said, “This year we are strained to get enough trees.”

The family-owned business supply’s charity organizations with trees, those groups sell tickets and get 20 percent of the tree sales at Gogo’s.

Gogo said he sees customers keep coming back.

“As people grow older, they don’t have a tree and their kids are grown-up and gone, but their kids are bringing their kids and, actually, we’re working on fourth generation customers here,” said Gogo.

 Because COVID-19 changes everything, this year they are sanitizing their saws.

More information is available here.