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Vista reporter shares his COVID-19 vaccination experience

Story by Bob McIntyre:

I am now among thousands of Canadians with their first dose of the Moderna vaccine.  Please allow me to share my experience getting the shot.

After a brief wait in line outside the arena, I was escorted in to two check-in tables, then over to Nurse Cindy Gagnon, who read me the list of potential side effects.

“And I’m going to give you some information before you leave on what to expect in the next couple of days.  Okay? Okay.”

A few more screening questions about allergies, then the big moment.

“So you’re consenting to having your vaccine today?”

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“ Yes.”

“ And which arm would you like?”

“ Left, I guess.”

“ Left arm. Nice deep breath for me. Little poke and all done.”

Just like that.  Following a 15-minute wait in case of complications, I get my vaccination record and out the door less than an hour after arriving.

The day after the shot, I have the mildest discomfort when I touch the injection site, and that’s all.

You can hear me getting my shot right here.

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