Every year, over 500,000 violation tickets are issued in B.C., with about 80,000 ticket disputes scheduled for hearing at Provincial Court.

This from provincial officials, as they roll out a new web tool helping British Columbians better understand and resolve violation ticket disputes faster, without always having to go to court.

Launched today (July 8th), the web-based tool — accessed at Tickets.Gov.BC.ca — comes as the Province looks to modernize the justice system, guiding users through ‘plain language’ and ‘simple questions’.

According to Attorney General David Eby, the site consolidates existing information into one place. He says integrating technology into the justice system has significant benefits, and makes it easier for people to interact with the courts.

The site also provides information about provincial violation tickets, including speeding tickets, red-light violations, and driving without insurance. Plus, B.C.’ers will find information about tickets issued for offenses under municipal or federal laws, like fishing without a license.