People in this area will get their first taste of a new emergency preparedness tool on May 6th.

Alert Ready” is a nation-wide emergency broadcast system.

The first test on Juice FM is at 1:58pm, Wednesday May 6th.

Chris Duffy is with Emergency Management BC. He says to start they’ll be the only agency that can trigger the automated alerts on TV and radio stations.

The plan for the future is to make it possible for police and local government authorities to trigger the alerts as well.

This is Emergency Preparedness Week, and British Columbians are being reminded to take some time to think about whether they’re ready for an emergency.

Sybille Sanderson is the Emergency Program Coordinator for the CVRD. She says preparing for a worst case scenario means you can rest-easy about anything else that happens.

Sanderson also recommends people check out the information on a new website set up by the federal government: