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CSS students set for first in-person graduation ceremony since pandemic began

Cowichan Secondary students are set for their first in-person graduation ceremony since the beginning of the pandemic.

The ceremony makes its return to the Cowichan Recreation Centre where students will be able to walk across the stage to receive their diploma.

CSS students who spoke with Juice FM say they are excited to graduate alongside their peers, adding some normalcy to an otherwise abnormal last four years.

They add they feel like they missed out on a “normal high school experience.” When asked what specific things come to mind that they may have missed, the No. 1 answer was parties, followed by a common response.

Students who saw their older siblings go through high school weren’t exactly sure what they missed, but feel like their siblings got something more out of their time.

Other students mentioned it being the little things of high school life. Like hanging out in the halls more often or just being around their friends on a daily basis.

Despite a feeling of missed opportunities, they were generally empathetic towards those in charge, saying things like ‘unless you’re really old, you’ve never been through a pandemic before.’

Even some excitement from staff members who have been at the school for a couple of years and not been able to attend a ceremony yet.

CSS students join other school cohorts across the valley who have already held their in-person graduation ceremonies earlier in the week.

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