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Puppies in BC SPCA care continue to rise

A marked increase in the number of puppies in BC SPCA care has continued to rise this year after individuals turned to breeding during the pandemic.

According to BC SPCA senior officer for protection and stakeholder relations Eileen Drever, they have seen an increase of 150 puppies come in this year at 350 compared to 200 this time last year.

“Most recently, a breeder in Surrey surrendered 17 dogs (11 eight-day-old yellow Labrador retrievers, three 10-week-old border collie-cross puppies and five adult retriever mixes) to the BC SPCA’s care – an example of the ongoing influx of puppies from breeders and other sources,” said Drever.

According to Drever, many of the puppies coming into their care are from individuals who turned to breeding to make money during the pandemic while demand was high. However, they are now overwhelmed with the costs of caring for animals as the market has decreased.

Drever adds that she does not see the influx slowing down anytime soon.

“There are just too many people who still think this is a good way to earn quick money and don’t understand the amount of care required and the costs involved,” said Drever.

“Although puppies do tend to get adopted more quickly than adult dogs, puppies and their moms require a huge commitment of time and energy from the BC SPCA’s foster volunteers.”

Drever asks people looking to get a dog to make sure it is coming from a reputable breeder or to adopt a dog from the SPCA or a rescue organization with a good reputation.

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