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BCSPCA says watch out for your pets during the heatwave

The heatwave this weekend is prompting the BCSPCA to remind everyone that the heat can be just as dangerous for your pets as it is for you. 

Make sure to give them lots of water, give them a cool place to sleep and make them a frozen treat bowl are just some of the ways you can keep your furry friends cool. 

The organization says that each year they receive nearly 1000 calls to rescue animals who have been left inside vehicles on hot days. 

Even if the temperature outside your car is 26 degrees, they say that it only takes 20 minutes for the temperature inside to double. 

They say that even leaving the car’s AC on isn’t a good option and that the safest bet is to leave them at home. 

If you find a pet left in a vehicle unattended in the heat the BCSPCA says that you shouldn’t break the glass, instead record the vehicle information and if the pet looks in distress call the BC SPCA Cruelty Hotline. 

While the BCSPCA knows that people wouldn’t knowingly put their pets in danger, they highlight that pets are extra vulnerable to heat stroke. 

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