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‘It’s so incredibly moving’: BC SPCA raising money for animals in need

After returning to in-person last year, the BC SPCA is running its Lock-In for Love fundraising campaign this year.

According to digital giving senior officer Alina Wilson, it’s a community fundraising campaign where community members can raise money for their local SPCA or other areas in need.

Wilson says it has been running for the last several years, and 17 centres across the province will be holding in person events at the end of the campaign on June 17.

“They come together at their local animal centre and they’re actually going to lock in with an animal in pairs. So, they’ll sit in a kennel with a dog or in a cat room with a cat, maybe even with rabbits depending on the location,” said Wilson.

“They’ll get to be with one of the animals they’re helping while they make their final fundraising push from their phone and reach out to people.”

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Wilson adds that while this year has been tight for donations, they have had around 200 people register to fundraise and they have raised around $85,000 so far. The goal is to raise $285,000 for animals in need.

Some of the goals include keeping the pet food bank stocked, supporting its wildfire response system to aid animals and provide boarding, support community work and advocacy, spay and neuter programs among others.

When the fundraising comes together, Wilson says the experience is “incredibly moving.”

“I’ve met animals in our animal care centres and I’ve heard so many stories, they’ve been through really tough situations,” said Wilson. “To see people coming together to volunteer their time and their efforts to donate, to help these animals find a happy future, it means so much and it really does make a big impact.

“I think sometimes people worry that their contribution isn’t enough to make a big impact, but what happens when we all come together, and we put in our little bit of effort and love for the animals is it makes a bit impact.”

Donations can be made online at, and SPCA locations and fundraisers for your community can be found, or you can create your own fundraiser for the event. 

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