New RV bylaw aims to reduce long term parking in North Cowichan

North Cowichan flag - Photo by Nicholas Arnold, Vista Radio Staff
A new by-law in north Cowichan takes aim at illegally parked RVs and gives by-law officers the tools to tow and impound them.
Complaints about parked RVs on Duncan Street between James Street and University Way and Croft Street in Chemainus prompted council to pen the new by-law.

Manager of Bylaw Kim Ferris says they take a measured approach when enforcing bylaws that might displace someone from their home.

“We may start ticketing to get their attention about what we want and if that doesn’t happen then we do have to look at other tools in the toolbox. But when it does come to displacing anybody, we certainly make every effort to be compassionate and to offer them any other means that we can help,” says Ferris.

Bylaw deals with all types says Ferris ranging from people who have some options but don’t want to move their RV or don’t have anywhere else to go.

The by-law sets out the guidelines for towing RVs as they pose an extra challenge due to their size.