The Shawnigan Residents Association and South Island Aggregates were back in court Wednesday, as the Association’s attempt to halt the operation of a contaminated soil dump takes more legal twists.

SIA’s parent company, Cobble Hill Holdings, is asking the Court to order the Association to put up more than 79-thousand dollars in “security” before hearing either the group’s original petition to overturn the soil dump permits or the injunction request filed last week. (see our story on that request here)

The money would be to cover legal costs if the Association loses. And the company wants the case to be put on hold until the money is paid.

In a series of documents filed with the BC Supreme Court this week the company is also arguing it’s already suffered losses dating back the Environmental Appeal Board case, and could face bankruptcy if the permits are overturned by the BC Supreme Court.

Some of the new documents are below:

SIA Counter Application

SIA Response

SIA Application 2