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Halloween displays more popular than Christmas for first time ever

For the first time ever, people in BC put more effort into their Halloween displays this year than Christmas.

That’s from a survey done for BC Hydro, which found half of people in the province decorated for Halloween and 13% of them created a mega-display. In contrast, more than half plan to decorate for Christmas, but only 10% are planning on going big.

A mega-display counts as 10 or more strings of lights, and at least one plug-in inflatable decoration.

Susie Rieder with BC Hydro says elaborate holiday displays account for about 3% of provincial electricity load during the winter holiday season.

BC Hydro says people can save energy and money by swapping out older strings of incandescent lights for LEDs.

Energy-saving decorating tips

Switching to LED lighting: Save about $40 over the holiday season by switching eight strands of incandescent lights to energy efficient LEDs. LED holiday lights also last ten times longer and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours.

Using timers: Reduce electricity costs by only having lights on when needed.

Reconsidering inflatable decorations: These decorations are simple to install—with limited set up and no ladders or tools required, which makes them an easy addition to a holiday display. The electricity used by these can vary from around 52 watts for a smaller 4-foot one, to around 85 watts for a 12-foot inflatable, and they are typically run 24 hours a day—adding up to $50 each to British Columbians’ electricity costs over the holidays.

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