Protestors hit the waters and the beach at Ladysmith Harbour yesterday.

They were calling for more action on derelict vessels… and for something to be done right away about one particular boat.
Protest organizer Rob Pinkerton says the Viki Lyne II (picture above, courtesy Rob Pinkerton) is a disaster waiting to happen because of the 13-thousand litres of solvents and oils left board.

Pinkerton says it all comes down to finding somebody to take responsibility.

Jean Crowder, the outgoing NDP MP for Nanaimo Cowichan, has been trying to get changes, but her private members bill to give the Coast Guard more authority didn’t pass.

West Vancouver Sunshine Coast’s John Weston was the only government MP to back Crowder’s legislation.  He’s also put forward his own bill; aimed at imposing criminal penalties.