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Researchers seek public’s help to track seagulls visiting from USA

Seagulls on the Island are so common most of us ignore them, but researchers are hoping people will help spot some out-of-province visitors.

The Salish Seagull Project, started in 2020 by Environment and Climate Change Canada, is specifically looking for California and Glaucous [glaw-kus] Wing gulls. The birds come to BC in early spring from Washington, Oregon, and Alaska.

Each year researchers catch them and put bands on their legs, so they can track their movements.

Island residents can help by keeping an eye out for gulls with coloured bands on their legs. If you spot one, take a picture if possible, note the time and location, and send it to Environment and Climate Change Canada.

Visit the Salish Sea Gull Project reporting page to submit your sightings. 

The City of White Rock is formally involved in the project, and recently published this video on social media.

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