The Nature Conservancy of Canada is hoping for a little company when they head out bat-spotting Tuesday night at their Chase Woods property on Mount Tzouhalem.

It’s been nearly two years since they last went out onto the property to survey the bat population (see picture above, courtesy Nature Conservancy).

The Conservancy’s Alisa Gordaneer says there’s a lot they can learn from watching bats on the property, and a lot of bats to watch.

Gordaneer says knowing as much as possible about the plants and animals on their land helps the Conservancy judge the health of the ecosystem and how to help it.

The bat-spotters will be heading out at 6pm.

Registration is required.

To register and for more information, visit, email or call 1-888-404-8428.

If you go, take a flashlight, warm clothes, rain gear, snacks and water.