North Cowichan has come up with a plan to manage water at the Cowichan Aquatic Centre should extreme drought conditions return next summer.

Mayor Jon Lefebure says the pool can be filled up from a well at the facility if Stage 3 watering restrictions are in effect.

He says Council is open to the idea after hearing concerns during the summer about refilling the pool with water from the domestic wells beside the Cowichan River.

Lefebure says the well at the aquatic centre was created when the facility was originally built and was first used to dewater the site during construction.

Meanwhile, another big step in the right direction for a new Crofton skate park.

Lefebure says a potential site for the park has been chosen after four other ones were found not to have proper soil conditions for it.

He says Council is intrigued about the idea of placing the park immediately west of the old Western Forest Products building.

Lefebure says the next step is a public meeting, where the Municipality will present a concept plan and receive feedback from the public about the 250 thousand dollar project. A date for that has yet to be announced.