Now that the Liberal government has laid out its plans for bringing 25 thousand Syrian refugees to Canada by the end of February, local groups hoping to sponsor refugees are kicking their efforts into high gear.

The government sponsored refugees will be settled mainly in Metro Vancouver. Privately sponsored refugees will be allowed to move wherever they’re sponsors can offer support.

Here in the Cowichan Valley, the Duncan United Church is trying to bring over a Syrian refugee family. Minister Keith Simmonds speaks on behalf of the church.

Simmonds says the church has already raised 20 thousand dollars out of the 30 thousand needed to relocate the family.

Meanwhile, Jobs Minister Shirley Bond is leading the provincial government’s response.

She says BC’s social agencies are glad to hear the federal government is offering extra funding, to add to the million dollars the province has set aside.

Bond says, however, they won’t decide how to distribute the provincial funds until they get more details from the federal government on its contribution.