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Lake Cowichan says it’s Not The Wild West

Lake Cowichan has a message for those people looking for a place to party: “If you intend on abusing our waterfront residents and those of the surrounding areas, you are not welcome here.”

There is growing frustration in Lake Cowichan over the actions of a few that are spoiling the enjoyment of tubing on the Cowichan River for others, as well as the people who live along the river.

The community is encountering problems this summer such as excessive alcohol consumption, verbal abuse and people making toilet stops on riverfront properties.

Acting mayor Tim McGonigle says Lake Cowichan and the local RCMP are working to get a handle on the inappropriate activities of a few unruly visitors.

He says as the town transitions from a resource-based economy it values the tourism opportunities available, but is not willing “to sacrifice the liveability of our small Community in the process.”

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McGonigle adds, “If you are looking to come here and rowdily let off steam, so to speak, don’t bother.”

The local council wants people coming to enjoy the recreation activities available to remember that Lake Cowichan is not the Wild West. All Provincial applicable Laws and Regulations related

to COVID-19 are also enforceable in the town.

Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 is asked to stay away. The town has concerns regarding its ability to handle the increased number of visitors during at a time “that is fraught with the high risk of infection of COVID-19.”

Tube Shack owner Aaron Frisby says they have managed to transforming this activity into a family-friendly pastime, but says like many other things, “2020 has changed that.”

Frisby says most of problems were on weekends and perhaps it was simply the result of a ‘summer blow-out’ for people coming out of coronavirus lockdown.

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Property owners along the Cowichan River, the Town of Lake Cowichan, and The Tube Shack are all asking would-be tubers who are planning to party on the river this summer to stay away.

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