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E-Comm 911 Releases Top 10 Nuisance Calls of 2017

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E-Comm 911 received more than one point three million calls in 2017, however, some weren’t emergency calls, and some were downright ridiculous.

Number one on the list is a woman, calling to complain that a nail salon won’t change nail polish colour.

E-Comm Spokesperson, Jody Robertson says even these ridiculous calls need to be treated as emergency calls.

Robertson adds that call-takers are listening for more than just what the person on the other end of the phone is saying.

Below is the complete list.

E-Comm Top 10 Nuisance Calls of 2017

10. Calling to check the time following the fall time change
9.  Asking if there’s a law preventing washing clothes at 6 a.m.
8.  Calling to ask if raccoons are dangerous animals
7.  Complaining gas station wouldn’t accept coins for payment
6.  Wondering if washroom closed sign at a popular beach was legitimate
5.  Calling because someone parked in their parking spot
4.  Complaining tenant moved without returning keys
3.  To report food was inedible and restaurant refusing to provide refund
2.  Car refusing to move forward at a gas station pump
1.  Complaining a salon wouldn’t change nail polish colour

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