The wet, windy weather is here and the Municipality of North Cowichan is urging the public to avoid low-lying areas during periods of flooding.

With Environment Canada expecting more wind and rainfall warnings this weekend, drivers are asked to play it smart if the road surface is submerged.

Director of Engineering at North Cowichan David Conway said there are a few reasons you don’t want to try and cross a flooded section of the road.

“There could be something in the way that could hit the undercarriage of the car or could get water into the engine and stall the motor,” said Conway.

Conway said the municipality is ready for a lot of rain, but people should avoid some flood zones.

“Culverts are being inspected and debris is being removed from them to ensure the water will flow through,” said Conway. “We’ve also begun preparation work in the event that we could see flooding in any of our low-lying areas, such as Beverly Street, Lakes Road, Canada Avenue, and we’re preparing for the possibility of flooding at the lagoons.”

Other low-lying areas that are prone to flooding include Mary Street, Philip Road, Rosewood Avenue, Seine Road, and the intersection of Chemainus Road and Crofton Road.