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Forests Forever Unveiling, Postponed Until Spring

The Forests Forever exhibit, originally set to be unveiled to the community this week, will be postponed.

The BC Forest Discovery Centre is already one of the most popular by-admission tourist destinations on the island and the exhibit, which takes people on the evolution of a tree is likely hosting a grand-opening celebration next spring.

General Manager Chris Gale explains the decision to postpone the Forests Forever unveiling.

“Because we have Halloween and Christmas coming, opening the new exhibit before that and closing down for a few weeks wouldn’t be a smart idea,” said Gale. “We’re on schedule and all the construction is being completed in the warehouses, where it’s being made, but we’ve decided to wait until the springtime.”

Gale added, “Then we’ll invite all the schools, all the VIP’s, and everyone we can possibly think of.”

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Last year, more than 60,000 people experienced the BC Forest Discovery Centre and Gale says the new exhibit will be high-tech.

“It’s very high tech, we haven’t had anything high tech here for, well….ever,” said Gale. “When people come in, there will be an app they can punch into their phone, they will be able to walk around the display, there will probably be eight to ten different areas where we’ll have iPad’s and look at all the interactive displays.”

Gale said, “It’s the story of a tree, from birth, all the way around until it’s turned into products.”

One point two million dollars is already available for this project and Gale hopes, with the help of the provincial government and forestry, two hundred thousand dollars can be raised.

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