Debbie Berg with Cowichan Women Against Violence Society is expecting the beds to be full.

“It depends how much the word is getting out there and as far as I know people do know that we are opening Thursday night. We have told people and we are sticking to it. Hopefully, they will know to come and if not the first night the second night we will be full.”

She said the clients will, not only be able to get out of the elements, but they’ll get a bite to eat too.

“We are doing the supper meal here, it will be soup and breads and things like that and in the morning, it will be a cold breakfast.”

There was a long list of items needed to get the shelter up and running, but Berg says they managed to whittle down the list to just a couple of items.

“We need a washing machine and we are looking at getting some gravel for the back because it’s quite muddy where we need to bring them in and if there’s anybody that has time to volunteer to work with our volunteer carpenter to help him, that would be great. Other than that, we have got pretty well everything.”