On this, Local Government Awareness Week, the chair of the Cowichan Valley Regional District, wants people to understand which local government serves them.

Ian Morrison said whether or not you live in a municipal boundary or electoral area it is important to know.

“Different jurisdictions have different entities that operate within them. Within municipalities, they are responsible for the roads. Within electoral areas, it’s the Ministry of Transporation responsible for the roads. When it comes to boil water advisories, those are issued by Island Health. So there are different actors in the various communities and it’s important for people to understand if they have an issue, who they go to.”

Morrison said you can check your tax notice to determine who your local government is.

If you pay your taxes to the Surveyor of Taxes in BC. you are probably in an electoral area and there are 9 of them in the Cowichan Valley.

Morrison is urging people to communicate with Board members anywhere, anytime.

“We have networks within our communities that, if there are concerns being raised, they generally make their way to us pretty quickly. In local government, we are on the job 24-7, 365 days a year, that could be in the line up at the bank or credit union, in the grocery store or out walking the dog. Please, come and talk to us, we are willing to listen anytime.”

You can get more information about our local governments this week at the CVRD booth at the Duncan Farmers’ Market this Saturday.