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BC Parents More Hesitant to Let Kids Return to School, Survey Finds

A recent Leger survey has found that 40 percent of BC parents plan on sending their kids back to school come September, that’s 19 percent below the national average.

Twelve percent said they would keep their kids at home and 48 percent said they don’t know what they will do.

For those parents who plan to send their kids back to school, if there is a confirmed case of COVID19 in the same class, 51 percent of parents would follow the advice of the school district, 32 percent would keep their kids home for 14-days, 14 percent would keep them home indefinitely, and four percent would keep them in class.

When asked how they feel about back to school generally, it was nearly split down the middle in BC, as 49 percent of parents said they’re more worried, 43 percent said it doesn’t change how they feel, and the less worried and don’t know options each had four percent of the vote.

A total of 1,517 Canadians were surveyed.

When it came to international comparisons, 82 percent of Canadian parents said they would allow their kids to undergo temperature checks, compared to 84 percent south of the border.

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If teachers and staff wear masks, 87 percent of American parents would send their kids back, while that number dropped to 81 on our side of the forty-ninth parallel.

Interestingly, if a COVID19 positive case was found in their children’s class, 45 percent of Canadian parents would listen to the advice of their school district staff, while 43 percent of American parents would keep their kids home indefinitely.

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