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City of Duncan to start annual water main maintenance 

Don’t worry if you notice a difference in your water starting Monday, it’s just the City of Duncan doing their annual water main flushing. 

Water maintenance is expected to last until the end of May and director of public works and engineering Brian Murphy says this is just to make sure residents have clean, healthy water to drink. 

Murphy says this is all done to provide preventative measures to the city’s infrastructure and prolong the life of the pipes. 

“This is something all municipalities do,” he says. “It’s done to maintain the integrity and clean out the pipes, and make sure they’re staying clear.” 

He says residents might experience a slight colour change when they go to use the water once work begins but adds there is no cause for concern. 

“It is quite common after a water main has been flushed that there might be some slight discolouration,” he says. “This is very normal, and the water is still safe to drink. 

“To remove discolouration the best thing to do is to run your cold water for as long as it takes to remove it.” 

Murphy says crews will be out opening hydrants at various points in the city, and hopes all residents observe proper safety protocols in those zones. 

“There will be a city employee on site when flushing is occurring,” he says. “Please consider it like any construction zone when driving.” 

For information on when your street will be affected, visit the City of Duncan’s website. 

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