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Winter tires a “must have” on the Malahat

Commuters on the Malahat must now have winter tires.

In B.C., the regulations are that an appropriate winter tire either has the M plus S or mountain/snowflake symbol.

Tires marked with a mountain/snowflake symbol on the sidewall offer the best traction on snow and ice and in cold weather.

Tires marked with the mud and snow symbol offer better traction than summer tires but are less effective than the mountain/snowflake tires in severe winter conditions.

While winter tires are not mandatory provincewide, they are required on a majority of B.C. highways.

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Drivers without the proper winter tires in good condition driving on designated B.C. highways can receive a fine of just about 110 dollars.

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For more information on winter tire regulations and winter driving preparation, visit:

To learn more about the four types of winter tires, visit:

For a provincewide map of highways designated for winter tires, go to:

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