Duncan council is holding a public hearing early next month to gain public feedback on the idea of changing the length of temporary use permits.

Chief Administrative Officer Peter de Verteuil said this amendment to the Official Community Plan if adopted, will provide more flexibility to those who seek these permits.

“They really only have the ability, for sure, to be there for two years. Three years just gives them the security that they’ll be there for the time being,” said de Verteuil. “It also gives a level of comfort for the council and the public that if that particular use or location becomes a problem, council has the ability to seek feedback from the public on how it’s going and whether there should be any changes.”

The public hearing is set for May 6th at Duncan City Hall, starting at 5:30 pm.

Moving temporary use permit lengths from two to three years would align them with the Local Government Act.

Beyond three years, proponents would need to renew these permits for an additional three years and anything after that would have to be done through rezoning.