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The Far Reaching Implications of Drought

The dry weather the Cowichan Valley experienced this year may create problems next summer.

Armel Castellan of Environment Canada said in terms of precipitation, 2019 has been an interesting year.

“It was only September, where we had a very wet signal there. In January, we hit just above normal, but all in all, if most months were not at normal, they were just below and then, sometimes, extremely dry,” said Castellan.

He said in the Cowichan Valley, precipitation is presently at about 60 percent of normal.

“As a result, the deficit is going to be strong, we’re starting off with a November, and, so far December, much below normal,” said Castellan.

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He said March, May, and August were particularly dry.

“We have had a very interesting year with a moment in the year that has been extremely dry,” said Castellan. “March comes to mind, as well as May, we had a very dry August, and again now in November and December.”

He said the annual precipitation for the Cowichan Valley is 1,153 millimetres – but one monitoring station recorded about 720 millimetres, while another recorded just 600 millimetres.


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