Good news for motorists using the Malahat.
Ministry of Transportation spokesperson, Janelle Erwin says they’ll be reopening a second lane to traffic on the Malahat…..
The second northbound lane has reopened and will remain that way through to end of day Tuesday, Aug. 8th, and Fridays through Sundays for the rest of August.

Motorists are being asked to pay close attention to the cones that will be marking the new temporary lanes, watch for changing traffic patterns, and are reminded that the construction speed zone of 60 kilometres per hour is in effect 24/7.

In addition, there will be no traffic stoppages from noon tomorrow (Thurs) through Tuesday, Aug. 8th.

Erwin says traffic volume is up on the Malahat and that’s been adding to the congestion…..
The increase in traffic volume is still anticipated to create delays between Victoria and Duncan, so the ministry is encouraging travellers to plan their trip in advance and allow for plenty of extra time.